The Edge of Brilliance

Susan Traugh

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Edge of Brilliance

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  Review by Lisa B

Not knowing what this book was really about, I was quite surprised to find myself unable to put it down once I started it. It is beautifully written, often raw and gritty, but always real. To learn how hard the teens in the story have to work to pull themselves up and out of their dark and deep abyss is, to say the least, an inspiration to all of us who think we have "issues" holding us back from reaching our potential. Kudos to the author who must have combined extensive research and perhaps personal experience to write such a moving and important story that rings true for the reader. I recommend this book to anyone who wants or needs a kick in the pants to take responsibility for their own life decisions and get back on track to reach their goals.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

The author did a wonderful job at keeping things real, from the despair of the parents to the exhaustion of living with the disorder and not grasping the dire need to learn the tools in order to survive.  What is even better, we see why it is difficult for them to accept they need the tools and medication because society just sees that as being stubborn, not as part of the illness.

I highly recommend this book for parents and teenagers who need the wakeup call that mental illness is not punishable but the messes made from it, should be held to accountability.  It is such a very fine line between the two and I believe this book defines it well with humility and compassion.

  Review by Lynda - Books Direct

This book provides a realistic portrayal of a young girl struggling to cope with her mental illness. The author obviously has firsthand knowledge of the disorder, giving us a great insight into how the illness affects everyone around the sufferer. Amy's diary entries and letters are an especially poignant touch, giving us a glimpse into her innermost feelings... This is an empowering and eye-opening book that should be read by anyone who knows someone suffering from a mental illness.