Finding the Upside of Down

Dionie McNair

Customer & Industry Reviews of Finding the Upside of Down

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

The author is amazing at portraying the painful suffering that Tabitha endures. The constant frustration of failed interventions, the constant worry that something will happen and the frustrating feeling that “if something did not happen this time, it will be twice as bad next time,” always weighs in the reader’s mind. 

The realistic descriptions, the painful struggle and the constant checking over the shoulder fear that victims have felt in the past come to the forefront while reading this book.

Finding the Upside of Down is just that, finding positivity in the harrowing darkness of feeling as though you have failed everyone. I believe that every reader can identify with the struggles that Tabitha has encountered. Finding the Upside of Down is one book that can engage the reader and help break the feeling of isolation that is so common in victims of bullying.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This plot goes beyond entertaining me and poses the chance for a survivor of bullying to find comfort and encouragement.

I am very pleased that my girls have had the chance to read this book, I strongly suggest parents and kids who are dealing with the issue of bullying grab their copy as well.  It won’t tell you how to solve it, but it sure makes you not feel alone any longer. Knowing this gives a person strength to continue to the fight to survive as Tabitha shows.