William Kingshart

William Kingshart was born in London but his parents, whom he describes as 'bohemians', moved to Ibiza when he was two. He grew up on the smallest of the Balearic Islands, bare-foot, wild and uncombed. He did not attend school, but for four years had a governess who disappeared one day when William was 12.

In his teens, he moved with his family to Cordoba on the Spanish mainland, where at 16 he got his first job, breaking in wild horses. At 19, still bare-foot, wild and uncombed, William moved to London, via Barcelona and Paris, to become a rock star. He is grateful to whatever gods watch over him for foiling that project. He retains a fond nostalgia for Led Zeppelin and the Eagles.

He flirted with academia in his 30s and became an Incorporated Linguist, a Barrister at the Inner Temple, a psychologist and a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.

He has been married twice and has two beautiful daughters.

He thinks he might live in the south of Spain, but he isn't sure.

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