A Curse So Dark and Twisted PRINT

By Lanne Garrett

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The hunt has only just begun.

A cry sounds over Elphame.

A silent hunt has begun.


Dread fills the realms.

The weak will succumb.


The chase has started.

Crows they will become.


The Gate is where it starts.

A new enemy has come.


In Elphame, where every Crow faces slavery and certain death at the hands of Fae, Perdita Darkmore is the first to survive, gain her freedom and wage wars to protect her home. With the Gate destroyed, Perdi returns to the mortal realm to help rebuild. But returning to Whitwick Gates was not the warm welcome she had hoped for, leaving her balancing perilously between mortals and Fae.


When her enemies come for her family, Perdi is forced to navigate a world she’s still learning and a throne she’s never sat upon before her family is put to death. Caught between two worlds, Perdi is tasked with fighting against life-altering decisions, rescuing her family or saving her people.

General Release Date: 23rd January 2024

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ISBN: 978-1-80250-591-7
Word Count: 72,830
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 271

About the author
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Lanne Garrett

Lanne Garrett writes books. Considering where you’re reading this, it makes perfect sense. She lives in Vancouver, here she spends her days getting lost in the beauty of reading and writing and can be found behind a mountain of books on any given Sunday.

You can follow Lanne on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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