The Artist and Me

Hannah Kay

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Artist and Me

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  Review by Marti L.

The Artist and Me is a sweet little romance that will make any girl who reads it wish they had a "Lucas". It was a quick read for me as I read it over the course of a few hours. Though the ending was a little abrupt for what I'd normally read, the storytelling is great. It is fitting that Lucas is a writer who sees the beauty in words because the intricate details woven into both perspectives are what really give their love story life.

  Review by Logan Cessna

The Artist and Me is a fantastic read. You get sucked into Lucas and Julie's world. Once I started, it was very hard to put this story down. I highly recommend this book. If you're in the market for a good read, you will not be disappointed!

  Review by Amy Buntyn

I so enjoyed reading The Artist and Me! The author, Hannah Kay, has a way of painting pictures of the the characters and events that make reading the book pure joy! I highly recommend this book.

  Review by Felicity

They tell you that you can't really know a book until you know it's author, and granted that most authors make it nearly impossible for you to get to know them, it's fairly hard to actually understand what kind of person they are and why they write the stories they do. But having known Hannah for years now, and having some awareness of how much she has grown in her writing over the years, I can honestly say with full admittance, Miss. Kay's The Artist & Me is a masterpiece just as Julie's own paintings. Her characters are bright and colorful people that come off the pages like actual people as you and I. In her writing, you can tell she adores Lucas & Julie as if they are her own children, she's proud of it, and within that, she makes a carefully sculpted story of two people she cares for. I adore this story almost as much as I love Hannah, and I promise, you will too :)



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