Shake the Spiders

Anne Wentworth

Customer & Industry Reviews of Shake the Spiders

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

This author does a very nice job with the theme of an abused young girl who is mostly left to fend on her own since her father died. She shows that, with the support of family and friends, you can let the hurt go and move on. Just like shaking the spiders out of your shoes. The story flows well, the paranormal sightings and strange happenings are partly paranormal/partly human made, and she finds even if people are strange and unusual they can still be good friends.

  Review by Coffee Book Mom

I am honored I was able to read this ARC from the author herself. She’s really got a talent in storytelling. Anne immediately pulled me in to her world. She’s got a lot of surprises and I believe she’ll be shocking us more in her next books!

  Review by The TBR Pile

An unconventional setting and offbeat yet believable characters makes Shake The Spiders a nugget of Prairie Gold you'll want to pick up!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Honestly, I love Kim’s transformation throughout the story and the ending of the book fit perfectly. All the loose ends were tied up and made me wish for more from this author with these characters. So in the end, I hope the author carries on with these characters and maybe do another story, but even if they don’t, it is a great book that I would recommend to anyone.