Jaqueline Snowe

Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the ‘dry heat’ really isn’t that bad. She enjoys making lists with colorful Post-it notes and sipping coffee all day. She has been a custodian, a waitress, a landscaper, a coach and a teacher. Her life revolves around binge-watching Netflix, her two dogs who don’t realize they aren’t humans and her wonderful baseball-loving husband.

You can take a look at Jaqueline's Website and Blog and you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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My heart is a complete puddle looking at our little guys newborn photos 😭❤️😭
 Tweeted 18/10/2019 00:57
This cover is incredible!!!!
 Tweeted 18/10/2019 00:41
Cover Reveal! No Easy Catch: a party girl and a jock team up to look into some shady things going on at their coll…
 Tweeted 17/10/2019 15:04
OMG, yes. I swear there have been an INSANE amount of doorbell commercials the last month. Our doggos GO INSANE eve…
 Tweeted 14/10/2019 16:26