By Rebecca Henry

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Sometimes you have to reveal the truth to receive love.

Ninth grade at St. Hope’s is everything Zinnia didn’t want it to be. Her life back in the city feels empty and her former friend Liv and her groupies are suffocating Zinnia with their daily taunts. As Halloween approaches, Zinnia craves the comfort and security of Ambrosia Hill and desperately wishes to be back with her aunts. But even more than that, she wants to see the green-eyed girl Billie, who Zinnia can’t get out of her mind. Right when Zinnia thinks she won’t be able to wait until the summer to see Billie, her mom shocks her with a spontaneous announcement. They are leaving for Ambrosia Hill.

But can Zinnia surrender her truth to accept love, and will Billie accept Zinnia’s path as a witch?

General Release Date: 22nd November 2022

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-710-6
Word Count: 41,846
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 148
Genres: GLBTQI

About the author
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Rebecca Henry

Rebecca Henry is an American author living abroad in England. She is a devoted vegan who gardens, practices yoga, crafts, travels the world, and bakes. Rebecca’s favorite holiday is Halloween, and she is obsessed with anything and everything witchy! Besides writing fiction, Rebecca is also the author of her vegan holiday cookbook collection. Her love for animals, baking with her family, having a plant-based diet and cruelty-free food all came together in her holiday cookbook collection. 

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