By Jane Dougherty

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One problem with jumping down wormholes is you’ve no idea where you’ll end up. Another is the psychotic celestial beings who might decide to follow you.

The end has finally come for the shopping mall, the Flay tribe and possibly everything else too. Carla, Tully and their friends have taken the only way out—another wormhole. It drops them in Lutecia, a city in a parallel world, where everything is green, society is peaceful and they learn to develop their innate psychic talents. They are taught the true history of the universe, what Wormwood has done to Carla’s dad and what he’s really after. Unfortunately, one of the things Wormwood is after is Carla and Tully.

The Sages of Lutecia form a desperate plan. Carla and Tully will lure Wormwood to the gateway to Hell, before he and his souleaters reduce this world to the same dead wasteland as ours. Once they have him on the brink of the pit, all they have to do is push him in. Simple. Well…not really.

Pursued by Wormwood’s gray men, golems and his army of dead souls, Carla and Tully travel the star paths, looking for Carla’s mother in the Himalayas of our dying world—hoping to catch her in a dream, hoping she’ll be able to release Carla’s dad from possession and hoping Wormwood doesn’t find his third companion, Eblis Azazel, the angel of destruction, whose trumpet will sound the apocalypse in all the worlds.

General Release Date: 16th August 2016

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78651-769-2
Word Count: 78,719
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 223

About the author
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Jane Dougherty

Jane Dougherty writes stories where the magical and the apocalyptic mesh, where horror and romance meet, and the real and the imaginary cohabit on the same page.

Jane was born and grew to her present height in Yorkshire then was dragged into the sleazy underbelly of existence--work--in London. Even though it involved drinking lots of wine and getting paid for it, she rebelled. She escaped to Paris, fell under a powerful enchantment and has been wandering from French pillar to French post ever since. In the strange world she inhabits, she writes the rules, creates the landscapes, the people and the magic. She also bends the rules of physics, plays Cupid and hands out happy endings to deserving characters.

You can take a look at Jane's Blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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