Ann M. Miller

Ann Miller writes young adult novels about first loves, family secrets, and magic. She grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the local bookmobile fed her diet of Nancy Drew mysteries, Sweet Valley High books, and Stephen King horror. After graduating from the University of King’s College, she moved to Newfoundland, an island that makes up for its unforgiving climate with beautiful coastlines and majestic icebergs.

When she’s not reading or writing, Ann can be found spending time with her husband and son, or binge watching Netflix while curled up with the two four-legged members of her family.

Captured in Paint is her first novel, and she has several more in the works. Take a look at Ann's website.

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Reviews (2)

I like to imagine myself in paintings I love. I have no desire to be trapped in one forever. Julia Parsons, a Vista Witch, struggles to free her trapped boyfriend from one of her own mural paint...

A book with a character possessing "witch" or magical powers - I'm all in. I like to imagine myself in paintings I love. I have no desire to be trapped in one forever. This is the dilemma faced ...

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