The Menagerie

J.S. Frankel

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Menagerie

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

I love Frankel’s style I have read his books and always been taken out of myself and into the world that he paints with his words. A master at making you feel like you are there living in the ship right along with Karen. I started this book and never put it down.  Watching her mature from the bitter hurt teenager into a responsible keeper of the animals was like pulling back the layers of her personality.  A must read.

  Review by Molly Lolly

I loved the adventure and the sense of discovery in the story. Plus the concepts of how animals should be treated, what constitutes enough care and where home is, are woven into the story story well. You get the sense that Karen isn’t even sure of the answer herself until the very end of the story.
I would love to see more stories in this world. It’s so rich and exciting I can’t help but want to see Karen find her way in the future as she finally accepts herself and where she is in life. 

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

One of my favorite parts of reading this book was seeing how vividly the author described all of the alien creatures that were on the automated ship. I could imagine exactly what every species looked, sounded, and smelled like. In many cases, I would have loved to sit next to their enclosures and gotten to know them! They sounded so beautiful and unique.

The Menagerie was adventurous and action-packed. I’d recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered what kinds of life might be found on other worlds.